NSAudiology7101NSAudiology is one of Sydney's leading diagnostic hearing and balance clinics. Referring doctors can be assured that all testing and rehabilitation is reviewed to the highest industry standards. Our Audiologists also work closely with referring ENT's and Doctors to ensure all testing meets the needs of their practice.

NSAudiology are fully accredited with the Office of Hearing Services (OHS), all pensioners with an OHS voucher receive a hearing assessment, consultation, hearing aids (if applicable) and ongoing rehabilitation services with no out of pocket expenses.

NSAudiology is also Workcover accredited and supplies the latest hearing aids from all the leading manufacturers.


Referring a patient

Your referral will entitle your patient to a Medicare rebate. Bulk-billing is usually reserved for patients who hold a Centrelink health care card; however, we will bulk-bill tests at your discretion. Please let us know on the referral if you would like your patient to be bulk-billed for services.

If you require a referral pad for NSAudiology please feel free to call us on (02) 9436 0122 and we will send one out to you, or you can download individual sheets below.

Click here to download a referral sheet (PDF)

Services at our clinics:

  • Pure tone Audiograms and Tympanometry
  • Extended range Audiograms for Tinnitus assessment
  • VROA (visual reinforcement orientation audiometry) and play Audiometry for babies and toddlers
  • Central Auditory Processing disorder (CAPD)testing for children and adults
  • Employment related hearing tests (including Workers Compensation)
  • Hearing Aid assessments
  • Cochlear assessments
  • Tinnitus assessment and management (certified by Neuromonics™)
  • Custom Swim moulds, musician ear plugs and industrial noise protection
  • Custom moulded in ear monitors (IEM's)

Extensive diagnostic services at our clinics:

  • ABR/Bera (Auditory Brain Response)
  • ASSR (Auditory Stead State Response)
  • CERA (Cortical Evoked Response Audiometry)
  • ECochG (Electrocochleography)
  • OAE (Otoacoustic Emissions)
  • VNG/ENG (Videonystagmography/Electronystagmography)
  • Calorics, and Dix Hallpike Manoeuvre
  • VEMPS (Vestibular Evoked Myogenic Potentials)



For appointments please phone 9436 0122. We will ensure a same-day appointment for all urgent Audiograms and the earliest possible time for more complex testing. Results will be sent to you the same day for all morning appointments, and the next morning for all afternoon appointments.