When considering a hearing aid it is important that you understand your hearing loss and your expectations of a hearing aid. There may be several hearing aids that are appropriate to your hearing loss, but there may only be one or two that comfortably fit the shape of your ear and successfully fit in with your life style. Many good hearing aids have automatic features such as a directional microphones and volume control. Digital hearing aids have become interfaces for telephones, Bluetooth, MP3 and other devices; while also continuing to improve the latest systems of noise management, speech clarity and user comfort.

It is important when you are fitted with a hearing aid to work closely with your Audiologist to achieve your personally tailored amplification levels. When you are fitted with hearing aids it is a highly personal experience and each of our client's needs are unique. Some clients find they adapt very quickly to hearing aids, others require more support. Upon being fitted with hearing aids your audiologist will tailor the service to your individual requirements.

As we are a truly independent clinic, we have the latest hearing aids from all leading manufacturers at the most competitive prices.

The two main styles of hearing aids are; moulded in the ear devices and behind the ear devices. Both styles are evolving into micro hearing aids. The choice of which style depends partly on your hearing loss, and partly on your own personal preference. Our qualified staff can show you examples of each style and discuss their individual advantages.

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When choosing a hearing aid we generally explore three specific areas to help our clients decide which hearing aid is right for them.

Audiological appropriateness is determined by the audiologist ensuring the hearing aid chosen can provide the level of amplification or power that is required. This decision is based on the audiological information gathered through various tests and the specifications of particular hearing aids.

The second area that is examined is that of the aesthetic quality of the hearing aids. This is determined through discussion with the client about the different styles of hearing aids available.

The third area to be investigated is the technology level needed. Again this is a decision that is based on discussion with clients and explores the following aspects as detailed below. The modern hearing aid is a complex device with many available features, all designed to create a listening experience that is as close to ‘natural’ as possible. A further features of modern hearing aids includes their ability to ‘communicate’ with other devices like mobile phones and televisions and each other. Despite all the advancements seen in hearing aids we often find that people's needs dictate the level of technology that their hearing aid provides. Employment, social life and entertainment are all factors that need to be considered when choosing the level of technology in a hearing aid. To facilitate this decision making process we have categorised the hearing aids into levels including entry level, bronze, silver, gold and platinum.

All hearing aids provided by NSAudiology come with an initial 2 week no obligation tria,l giving you the ability to experience the benefits that our hearing aids can provide you. Following this period if you are not completely happy, adjustments can be easily made to the sound quality and a 1 week extension of the trial can be carried out. It is quite common to require further tailoring to the aids as everyone has individual needs specific to their personal environments.

The price of all hearing aids at NSAudiology includes extensive after care service. Private health insurance may contribute to the cost of your hearing aids. Contact your health insurer for details. Our staff will be happy to assist with this at the time of purchase.

You may also be eligible for a tax offset from the ATO, the tax offset is assessed as part of your tax return. Please refer to the ATO or your accountant for more information.

When you become a client of NSAudiology we provide;

  • Competitively priced hearing aids
  • 2 week trial period of any hearing aid with a full money back guarantee
  • Three appointments with our Audiologist in the first year
  • Full manufacturer’s warranty
  • Supply of batteries for the first year

As a client of NSAudiology you can be confident in knowing that we will continue to look after you and ensure your hearing aids are always contributing positively to your life.

Your satisfaction is our guarantee.

Workcover NSW

NSAudiology is an approved Workcover NSW hearing services provider. We conduct hearing assessments for workplace noise induced hearing impairment, and provide Hearing Aids and Tinnitus treatment for all approved Workcover claims.


Our clinics are a hearing service provider for the Office of Hearing Services (OHS) which also includes Department of Veteran Affairs eligible clients. Our audiologists can assist with the initial application for an OHS voucher and then manage all tests, your hearing aid fitting and follow-up assessments. OHS clients are eligible for free to client hearing aids; however, you can also top-up your hearing aids and claim a portion of the out of pocket expenses through your private health insurer. More information can be obtained through our clinic and on the OHS website.



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