Musicians1If you are a professional musician, audiophile, TV/Radio presenter, amateur musician or just casually listen to tunes on your MP3 player you should have custom moulded in ear monitors (IEM's).

NSA Muso JH16NSAudiology are resellers for JHAudio and Westone and we stock samples at our clinic. Check out their websites for more detailed information on each product. Also, have a look at JH Audio on facebook there are some very cool examples of custom art.

Our Audiologists can take professional ear impressions for your custom fit In Ear Monitors. So if you see a range of IEM's online that we don't stock and you need ear impressions to send away, you can be confident that we can take ear impressions that will ensure you get a perfect acoustic seal.

Getting an ear impression is usually a quick process. The appointment takes approximately 15 minutes. The audiologists will check your ear canal is clear of wax, debris or exostosis. If any problems are discovered at this point we will organise for you to see your General Practitioner or an Ear Nose and Throat specialist. If the ears are clear, the Audiologists will insert the impression material. It will take about 5 minutes to set. Once removed your ear impressions are complete. We will either box them up for you to take with you, or we will organise your In Ear Monitors for you.

NSA Muso Blue JHAudioWhy you shouldn’t attempt your own ear impressions…

  • You can damage, even burst, your ear drum.
  • You can compact any wax in your ear.
  • There is a high chance that the impressions will not fit.


NSAudiology offers specialised services for singers and musicians. We provide extended range hearing tests, Pro Audio custom moulded In Ear Monitors, and professional musicians ear plugs with variable noise attenuation levels.


NSAudiology is owned by a professional singer with a Bachelor of Music and a qualified Audio Engineer; with years of experience in the industry as a producer, performer and sound engineer. You could not find a clinic more qualified to look after your ears.